Séance de travail des membres du CRIHN 2019-2020: Vanessa Ceia (McGill U)

Vanessa Ceia (McGill U): « Style and Rhetoric of Spanish Politics on Twitter »

The emergence of Twitter as a tool for political speech poses specific challenges to campaign communications as traditional party messaging must be adapted to fit the abbreviated, fast-paced, and interactive dialogue fostered by the platform. By combining quantitative analyses, such as Natural Language Processing to determine word use and hashtag frequency and sentiment analysis, with targeted close readings to assess stylistic and rhetorical differences in Twitter speech between parties, this project examines the Twitter use of five major Spanish political parties in the run-up to and aftermath of the April 2019 General Elections. This mixed modal approach enables us to identify variations in topical focus, emotive language, and discursive framing of central campaign issues. As a case study, we compare party strategies for addressing gender-related topics on Twitter, placing our analyses of Twitter speech in conversation with broader discussions of party platforms and relevant events during the campaign period. Ultimately, this project fosters a dialogue about the relationship between party ideology and rhetorical strategy, and offers pointers for future analyses of political Twitter.

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