Joint Virtual DH Lecture Series 2022: Renée Sieber (McGill University)

As part of the Joint Virtual DH Lecture Series 2022 with our colleagues at the « Humanities Interdisciplinary Collaboration Lab » (University of Guelph) and the « Humanities Data Lab » (University of Ottawa), Renée Sieber will deliver an online talk entitled « AI for the Rest of Us »:

Artificial Intelligence, even though it is designed to mimic human decision making, is characterized as a blackbox, out of reach of all but computer scientists. It is especially out of reach for the general public and marginalized communities, who may be the most impacted by these automated decision systems. I will talk about our project, In this project we have developed a new model of public (civic) engagement in government decision-making processes that are being automated with AI and are developing an algorithmic impact assessment that embeds meaningful (non-expert) participation by design. Not only is this engagement in AI policy but also opportunities for non-experts to do-it-yourself.

The talk will be delivered on campus at McGill University and on zoom.

[The video is now available.]

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