Conférence de Laura Estill (St. Francis Xavier University)

Laura Estill, Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities from St. Francis Xavier University, will deliver a talk entitled « Shakespeare as the (Digital) Proof of Concept  » :

Because of Shakespeare’s centrality in the English literary canon and popular culture, many tools for computational literary studies use Shakespeare as a proof-of-concept or test case. Digital Shakespeare texts themselves are the product of choices that are usually not made legible to the reader; these texts are often then fed into algorithmic black boxes that can elide their complexity further. In this talk, I turn to tools and resources that use Shakespeare’s work as their starting (and sometimes ending) point of investigation in order to consider the assumptions made by creators and users of projects. When digital tools are created with Shakespeare as the test case, Shakespeare’s work shapes how the tools ask questions and what questions can, indeed, be asked.

[La vidéo de la conférence est maintenant disponible.]

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