« Digital Humanities Virtual Seminar 2023 »: Jas M. Morgan (TMU)

As part of the 2023 edition of the « Digital Humanities Virtual Seminar » series organized by the CRIHN, the Thinc Lab (Guelph), The Humanities Data Lab (Ottawa), and the Center for Digital Humanities (Toronto Metropolitan U) around the theme of « Communities », Jas M. Morgan (TMU) will present a talk entitled « Screen Sovereignties: 2LGBTQ+ Indigenous Governance in Canadian Cinemas » on Thursday 16 March 2023 via zoom:

North American films are ideological tools of nationalisms and heritage formation. Narrative depictions of North American Indigenous peoples in popular films are how  children in North America learn about « The Other. » Digital media and short films by queer, trans, and Two-Spirit Indigenous peoples envision anti-colonial futurities, grounded in traditional knowledges, including decolonized visions of gender that can aid in projects of gender restoration and balance in Indigenous communities. Narrative depictions of Indigenous peoples are an essential location for cultural governance. The cultural expressions of Indigenous peoples always connect to land and peoplehood. As such, the study of Indigenous film production and digital media is a mode of Indigenous governance. Moving image, digital media, and cinemas can be analyzed for knowledge about governance and possible future policy directives; and the analysis of film production locates expressions of Indigenous governance such as consensus-based and non-hierarchical methods for community-based research and organizing.

Dr. Jas M. Morgan is a Toronto-based Cree-Métis-Saulteaux Assistant Professor in Toronto Metropolitan University’s Department of English. Morgan holds a Canada Research Chair in Digital Wahkohtowin and Cultural Governance. Morgan is the Director of Culture and Heritage at Yellowhead Institute and the Facilitator for the Digital Wahkohtowin & Cultural Governance Lab. Morgan’s research focuses on the development of film and digital media archives as a mode of Indigenous-governed heritage formation. They are the Executive Producer of KIN, a web series about Indigenous queer and trans peoples living in the city. 

You can register for the talk to be streamed via zoom.

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