Conférence d’Amanda Montague (McMaster University)

Dans le cadre du premier colloque étudiant du CRIHN, Amanda Montague fera la conférence de clôture le mardi 4 avril 2023 avec une conférence intitulée « Affective and Embodied Memory in Pedagogical Practices of Digital Storytelling » :

New forms of digital and locative storytelling have enhanced, altered, and at times constricted, the spatial and narrative parameters of memory discourse. Digital tools impact daily affective memory encounters by complicating conditions of intimacy, co-presence, temporality, and embodiment.

The complex relationship between the body and technology at the heart of digital memory discourse also applies to notions of embodied pedagogy, where thinking through the body in digital learning environments offers a more humanistic approach to our work in digital contexts. This was clearly seen in the challenges and opportunities that came with the large-scale shift to online learning in March of 2020.

Drawing from frameworks of collective, connective, and collected memory, this talk explores the relationship between technology, memory, and community that emerged in the classroom in students’ digital memory projects done at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. These student projects provide insight into the dynamics of augmented memory and co-presence in virtual spaces and the requisite technological and rhetorical strategies of immediacy and intimacy that they generate.

[Lien vers la vidéo de la conférence.]

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