Troisième conférence Stéfan Sinclair-CRIHN

Michael Sinatra, CRIHN director, invites you to the third annual Stéfan Sinclair-CRIHN lecture on Tuesday 12 March 2024 @ 3.30pm at the Université de Montréal.

Named in honour of Stéfan Sinclair, one of the founders of CRIHN in 2013, this third annual conference will feature a keynote delivered by Constance Crompton, Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities at the University of Ottawa, entitled: « Sticking with the things you make: the pleasures and challenges of long-term Digital Humanities development ». 

Pascale Dangoisse, recipient of the 2023 Stéfan Sinclair Memorial Scholarship will also present her doctoral research at this event.

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