Summer Institute 2024: « Mess and Method » @ Concordia

This summer, Dr. Darren Wershler, the Acting director of the Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) at Milieux Institute and professor in the faculty of Arts and Science, will be leading a two-week three (3) credit course on interdisciplinary research at Concordia University. The course will be co-taught with guest faculty Dr. Lai-Tze Fan, Canada Research Chair in Technology and Social Change (Tier 2 SSHRC) and Director of the U&AI Lab at University of Waterloo, and will introduce students to a range of contemporary critical and philosophical approaches to interdisciplinary research.

Students from diverse academic and experiential backgrounds are encouraged to apply. All are welcome, and no particular technical knowledge is necessary. Guest lectures (to be confirmed) will include talks by Steven J. Jackson, Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University; and Phil Reilly from Right to Repair.

For more information on « ENGL 602: Mess and Method – Maintenance, Repair and Sustainability Edition, 2024« , please visite the course website.

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