Conference « Human Beings and Machines: Stabilizing and Destabilizing Boundaries » @ Università di Macerata

Our center is happy to be one of the sponsors of this one-day conference on the relationships between humans and machines organized by our membre Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Carla Canullo and Tiberio Uricchio (Università di Macerata) :

What is a machine? What is a human being? Is there a clear, stable boundary between the two? The many discussions about AI have recently renewed interest in these questions, which have haunted us for centuries. It would seem that in our relationship with machines, in the way we define and understand them, and above all in the way we identify how they are different from us, our very essence is at stake. As human beings, we define ourselves in opposition to machines. This symposium aims to question this demarcation line by challenging the oppositions between human and machine, artificial and natural, quantifiable and non-quantifiable, calculable and non-calculable.

The full program is available on the conference website.

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