« Digital Humanities Virtual Seminar 2020 » : Geoffrey Rockwell (U of Alberta)

Professeur invité à l’hiver 2020, Geoffrey Rockwell fera une conférence le 13 février prochain intitulée « Communities of Words: Categories, Lists and Text Analysis » dans le cadre de la deuxième édition du séminaire virtuel organisé avec le ThincLab (Université de Guelph) et le Humanities Data Lab (Université d’Ottawa) :

John B. Smith, in an article for IBM’s Perspectives In Computing magazine argued that “one of the most important features of ARRAS is its ability to handle categories” (1984: 24). ARRAS, which stood for ARchive and Retrieval and Analysis System, was a pioneering text analysis system designed to go beyond batch text processing to allow a humanist to “evolve” an interpretation interactively. It was one of the first interactive text analysis environments and its used of word lists in a different way that earlier tools like the General Inquirer. While the General Inquirer pioneered a form of sentiment analysis where lists are used diagnostically, ARRAS proposed lists as tools for interpretation. In this presentation we will start by talking about lists of words and how they allow us to order knowledge. This will lead to a demonstration of how we are implementing lists in Voyant.

[La vidéo de cette conférence est maintenant disponible en ligne.]

[Les autres conférences du séminaire virtuel DH 2020 sont Ariel Beaujot (UW – La Crosse), Cecily Raynor (McGill University), et Shawn Graham (Carleton U).]

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