« Digital Humanities Virtual Seminar 2020 » : Cecily Raynor (McGill U)

Dans le cadre de la deuxième édition du séminaire virtuel organisé avec le ThincLab (Université de Guelph) et le Humanities Data Lab (Université d’Ottawa), Cecily Raynor fera une conférence intitulée « Decolonizing the Digital: Cultures of Connectivity in the Latin American Web » :

What does online readership and engagement with web content tell us about a region that is shiing quickly towards unprecedented access, particularly via mobile apps? In the last half of the 1990s, Latin America saw a dramatic surge in internet connections – from half a million to nine million users by 1999 (Corrales 2002). This connectivity boom continued through the first years of the new millennium including a tidal shift in internet access that accompanied substantial changes in modes of interaction with digital technologies. Increased participation in mobile internet use along with the era of Web 2.0 continues to bring up questions about how devices, connectivity, and online cultural production inform each other regionally and nationally. With this in mind, this presentation has two driving questions; 1) how has increased internet participation in Latin America changed how its citizens engage with and create cultural content? 2) What modes of analysis (quantitative and qualitative) can we employ to enter this dynamic territory? Drawing from case studies from Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, this talk explores how digital methods can illuminate some of the nodes of connection across the Latin American web.

[Les autres conférences du séminaire virtuel DH 2020 sont Geoffrey Rockwell (University of Alberta), Ariel Beaujot (UW – La Crosse) et Shawn Graham (Carleton U).]

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